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breaking news. a stunning announcement just coming in from the vatican. pope benedict xvi is resigning. we're live with what's behind his decision and how quickly the next pope will be elected, "today," monday, february 11th, 2013. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning. welcome to "today" on a monday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> and i'm savannah guthrie. can't say that this is
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unprecedented for a pope to just step down, but you have to go back 1600 years to find another example of it. pope benedict xvi announcing he is stepping down as leader of the catholic church. huge news for the world's 1 billion catholics. >> and noncatholics as well. the 85-year-old pope made the announcement moments ago, saying his strength is no longer adequate to carry on his duties. in a moment we'll talk about the decision with timothy cardinal dolan, the highest ranking catholic here in the united states. claudeio is in rome. this morning, would you say this is total surprise? >> reporter: matt, this was total surprise. always clear that pope benedict xvi was getting weaker by the month. every time we saw him coming out on official celebration, he did look weaker and weaker, but then he again he is an 85-year-old
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man. john paul ii before him was even in worse shape and he did not resign. nobody was really expecting him to resign or abdicate, as was said in a previous conversation. so, it did come as a surprise, for sure. we have, just right here at the vatican right now in st. peter's square, there are a few faces that express his belief when asked what the cameras are all about. i'm telling them that the pope is about to resign. nobody can really believe that because that is unprecedented in modern times. there was a pope in the 13th century that resigned but certainly this hasn't happen ed >> there is concern that this is more than just a pope aging, that there are more health concerns. have you heard anything like that?
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>> reporter: there are a lot of allegations, of course, in the house of pope benedict xvi, a lot of rumors going around in the past few months that he wasn't doing so well. but as usual as ever with the vatican, it's always very fickle to get complete and full survey on the actual health of the pope as, you know -- we're talking about the leader of the catholics and they don't want to raise an alarm. we probably will hear about the real reasons behind this decision in the next hours or days but certainly the pope has said it himself, he just does not have the strength anymore to carry on as leader of the catholic church. >> right. claudio, he the statement reads after having repeatedly examined my conscience before god, viacom to the certainty that my strengths, due to advanced age, are no longer suited to an adequate exercise of the petrine ministry.
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you would expect that a pope making this kind of historic announcement would have done so in a bigger fashion. >> reporter: yes, indeed. i mean, i have heard reactions from a few cardinals who didn't even know about it. the pope, making such a strong, important and unprecedented in modern times, decision, you would expect that he would have been talked to the cardinals first and made them aware. clearly, he hasn't. this is a decision that he has made personally and this has always been a low-key pope. he hasn't been the media star that john paul ii used to be. he has just tidecided to stay te to his character. and made the announcement not lock like such a big deal. >> claudio lavagna in rome. we will be check iing in with y throughout the morning. and now with more here is savannah. >> thanks, matt. a consultant, thank you for
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being with us. >> hello. >> george, it's savannah. an incredibly surprising turn of events. what is the process for replace ing a pope under these circumstances? >> savannah, let's pause on that first statement just a moment. this is a surprise in that it hasn't happened in 717 years, but it's not a surprise in that benedict xvi has, on several public occasions and in his most recent interview book said that if he ever reached the judgment in conscience, as that statement said today, that he could not give the church the service it deserves because of advancing age or ill health that he would abdicate. i think it's a great statement about the humility of joseph ratzinger, as he will become at the moment of his abdication once again.
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and in a strange way, this is his last great service to the church. he wants the church to have the kind of strong leadership that it needs. as i understand it, the process will unfold rather much like the process would unfold had the pope died except for the fact that the cardinals will obviously now be gathering in rome in the weeks before february 28th so that they can enter the conclave immediately on the abdication of the pope and begin the process of choosing his successor, which could take several days or several weeks. >> for those who are not familiar with this process, the papal conclave will be convened and require a tw-thirds majority among the cardinals to elect a successor? >> that's correct. and one thing about the timing of this that is interesting is that the college of cardinals is now just about as full as it can be.
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the maximum number of the electors is set at 120. i think we're almost there right now. so, this will be the largest conclave in history when it convenes either on february 28th or on march 1st. >> george weigel, i'm going to ask you to stand by. we have greg burke on the phone from vatican city. thank you for being with us on what i know is a busy morning for you. >> good morning. yes, it's a little hectic, straight away. >> the first question is how much of a surprise was this? clearly the pope was not in great health. he had talked about his willingness to step aside if he felt his health was such that he couldn't perform the duties of pope and yet we hear from our producer in rome, real surprise, almost shock at this. >> well, it is a surprise. although i think people had fair warning because it was a few years ago in a book called "light of the world," a book
7:08 am
that i suggest to a lot of people, long interview with the german journalist, peter seawald and the journalist asked the pope if he would resign at any time. he said something interesting, because this was in the midst of a scandal and all that stuff. and he said well, now is certainly not the time. it's not a time to run when you're at great risk or in an emergency period. but he said, i do believe there are times when a pope, if he doesn't have the strength, can and even should resign. so, we did have fair warning, but at the same time since it is something that hasn't happened in centuries, it always does come as a surprise. >> greg, of course, it raises the nationural questions of whas going on with the pope? the pope's brother said that his doctor said no trans atlantic trips. we see his weakening gait, using a cane in certain weeks.
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is there anything severe about his pope? >> i don't want to give my dad a hard time but he's 90. when i think about my dad, i think about the pope. i think twice before i say, hey, dad, let's go to new york. i'll meet you there at easter. something i did up until a couple of years ago. and i think the pope is exactly the same way with, you know, people have seen him. he has had a harder time walking, started using the cane. on the other hand just the other night he looked very tired but spoke off the cuff for well over a half hour. and as the pope has done for -- shown for years, great, great intelligence. but clearly, physically, he doesn't feel up to the job. and i think this is somewhat an act of humility to admit that. >> before i let you go, how much advance notice did church leaders have? how much planning has there been now for this papal conclave that will elect a new pope?
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>> a couple of top officials have known for quite some time. certainly for several weeks. i was told that just this morning. i only found out a few hours beforehand from the pope's chief of staff, but the chief of staff had known for a few weeks now. and, you know, they're used to this. i know it's huge news, but the romans -- one pope dies and along -- you elect another one. that's the old phrase here in rome. in this case it isn't the pope dying, obviously. it's him resigning. but in the process of a conclave, that works just the way it does every other time. >> greg burke from rome, thank you very much. appreciate your time. >> thank you. his eminence, cardinal timothy dolan is the archbishop of new york, just walked over from st. patrick's cathedral down the block after hearing the news. good morning. >> matt, thank you. appreciate the invitation to join you.
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>> we talked to you and you were just getting word of this. >> you can confirm that i'm started. i'm as started as the rest of you and as anxious to find out exactly what's going on. so apparently it is confirmed. when you called first, matt, you and i both chuckled and thought this might be another rumor, but it sure enough is confirmed. i find myself eager for some news. i find myself itching to rooech read the statement in latin. i hope you can translate it. >> good luck with that. >> that the holy father made. and i find myself kind of somber. in a way -- i love this pope. every catholic feels the pope is his father. we call him our holy father. the world looks to him with respect and affection. i sense a special bond with him. he is the one that appointed me to you all as archbishop of new york. i'm wearing the ring he gave me and the cross he gave me. i feel a particular bond with him. and a note of sadness, to be honest with you. on the other hand, my
7:12 am
appreciation for him, which is already high, is enhanced a bit because with the sense of realism, that he has such an esteem for the office of the successor of st. peter, which is what the pope is, the bishop of rome, the successor of st. peter, that he says, you know, i may not be up to it now. perhaps i can best serve jesus and his church and his people by stepping aside. so i have to admire him. >> and even as we stop and pay tribute to what he has meant to the papacy and the church now, an enormous responsibility falls on your shoulders. >> yes, it does. >> and the shoulders around the cardinals of the world. >> yes, it does. boy, i've never been through this before. i'm still unpacking the red s socks from a year ago when i was made cardinal. i don't exactly know, except by prayer, which i already do a bunch of and need to do more of. except for prayer, i don't know what else to do. i'll await instructions with
7:13 am
everybody else. >> there will be, and you help me out. you always correct me on this. there will be a period of sata viconte. >> you got it. latin word, chair and viconte, empty. so that chair will be vacant after february 28th and then the college of cardinals, pastors of parishes in rome. myself a member. you came to my church in rome, our lady of valupe. we get together in conclave to elect a new successor of rome. >> is there a short list, as it were? >> well, if you look, a good police to start would be to look at pope benedict. there's a learning, there's a savviness about the world. there's a theological depth, unquestionable personal piety and holiness.
7:14 am
there's a linguistic talent. those would be qualities you look for. >> as a cardinal are you allowed to vote for yourself? >> no. only crazy people. >> your eminence, it's awfully nice for you to walk over here. >> i appreciate the invitation. you were one of the first people i spoke to. i promised you a long time ago that when this sad day would come i would be at your service. >> sadly, you mentioned, mixed emotion. >> there are mixed emotions. i love the guy. one thing everybody notices is humility. almost from the beginning he shrugged and said, boy, compared to john paul ii, i don't know if i'm up to this, but with god's grace and mercy, i'll give it a shot. he has done well for almost eight years. he's winsome in his humble acknowledgement in his frailty and weakness. it's touched all our hearts. >> again, pleasure to have you here. >> thank you all. we'll have more on the pope's decision to resign
7:15 am
throughout the morning. but we want to get to natalie, who is here with a check of the other top stories of the morning. good morning to you. >> good morning to you, savannah. good morning, everyone. trail of destruction across southern mississippi this morning after a powerful tornado tore through three counties. reynolds wolf is in west hattiesburg with the latest. good day. >> reporter: good morning to you. i'm coming to you from right downtown hattiesburg. damaged by the tornado that came through yesterday and an immense tornado, half a mile wide. it came through right around -- i would say late afternoon, early evening hours. what's incredible is that although there was extensive damage and there were 50 people that were injured, thankfully, no fatalities at this time, natalie. that is a miracle. one of the key things comes back to timing this happened on a late sunday afternoon. people were not in church at
7:16 am
that time. students were not in church -- students were not on campus. a lot of the students were down in new orleans, preparing to celebrate for fat tuesday, for mardi gras. the timing of this was truly perfect. the cleanup will get under way in a matter of hours. over 5,000 customers without power as we speak. we cruise down the roadways, many roads have been impassable at this point. they're going around, trying to restore line in many of the places that have been toppled by strong winds and certainly by many of the trees that have been damaged. to understand the full scope of the damage in this community or surrounding area, the reason why is because this happened late in the afternoon into the early evening. so we had a chance to see this from high above. national weather service will go up in a series of helicopters, give us a better idea of the full scope of this and give us a better understanding of how to stay safe when these systems strike. back to you, natalie. >> reynolds wolf in hattiesburg,
7:17 am
mississippi, thank you very much. stranded in the gulf of mexico this morning after an engine room fire disabled the ship and it will take days now for it to be towed back to land. tom costello is following this breaking story as well. good morning. >> natalie, good morning. this is the carnival cruise ship triumph. a four-day cruise that left galveston, texas, friday. it is now drifting after a fire in the engine room. 150 miles off the mexican yucatan coast. the fire was put out by a sprinkler system on board and the crew. it has left the ship withoutny propulsion. it is drifting, operating on emergency power and a tugboat is en route. it should arrive some time this morning. there are about 3,100 passengers and a crew of more than 1,000. they are being given food and refreshments, another carnival cruise ship pulled alongside to help and the coast guard cutter vigorous was also dispatched as well.
7:18 am
the plan is to tow the ship to a port in mexico, where passengers will deboard and then be flown to houston. the next two departures set for today and saturday have been canceled. carnival says the passengers who booked on those next two trips will be given full refunds and discounts toward future cruises. the passengers on board this ship will be given full refunds, reimbursements for travel expenses and discount for future five-day cruises, hopefully with power and propulsion. back to you. >> tom costello, following that story. all three people on board were killed when a chopper went down. the helicopter was working on a reality tv show for the discovery channel when it went down. it's never a good sign when a mascot attacks its own team. things just got worse and worse at this minor league hockey team when the condors brought out their namesake. first eluding its handler,
7:19 am
sending him for a spill on the ice. after getting back on the ice, incited -- bird that went on a war path, attacking the condors in their box. after some pecking, the bird decided to hit the showers, even walking into the locker room. not sure what he was looking for. the wrath of the condor. >> really went in the locker room? >> locker room. >> trashed the place? >> from the heart of the locker room -- >> mr. roker, big weekend for you in the weather department. >> great job, by the way. >> thank you very much. we still have a lot going on. down to the south, the same system that caused those tornadoes down in mississippi, it's causing more problems. flooding throughout new orleans on into the southeast. look at this. we're talking about two to four inches of rain, some areas even higher. north of that system, we've got icing conditions. we actually have winter storm
7:20 am
watches. we've got winter weather advisories and freezing rain advisories for the northeast and new england, adding insult to injury for areas that have dealt with more than 40" of snow. we'll have your local forecast, but first this message. from the home depot... ...the best selling paint and primer in one that now eliminates stains. so it paints over stained surfaces, scuffed surfaces, just about any surface. what do you say we go where no paint has gone before, and end up some place beautiful. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. behr ultra. now with advanced stain blocking, only at the home depot, and only $31.98 a gallon. >> good morning. the steady rain is tapering off. the temperature will be way above average. wish to make it up to
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>> and that's your latest weather. >> all right, al. thank you very much. coming up, we are staying on top of this morning's breaking news, pope benedict xvi announcing he is resigning effective february 28th. >> for the first time we are hearing from the navy s.e.a.l. who claims he is the one to shoot osama bin laden. his story. but first this is "today" on nbc.
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coming yup, the grammys. some missed the memo? >> i saw a leg. we won't mention. not allowed to talk about that.
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you got yourself mcdonald's new fish mcbites. hit it! ♪ fish-ay! fish-ay! [ male announcer ] you can catch a lot with a dollar. like the snack size of mcdonald's new fish mcbites. ♪ ba da ba ba ba >> this is in wbal 11 news in baltimore. >> good morning. i am stan stovall. baltimore fire officials are investigating a house fire in towson. firefighters say that they found heavy fire on the second floor and were able to bring the flames under control in about an hour's time. seven family members for inside
7:27 am
but every one managed to escape safely. here is sarah caldwell and traffic pulse 11. >> thanks to the rain we have a lot of accidents and delays. route 27 and sullivan road, we have a crash being cleared. a slowdown on the west side. 27 minutes to get you through that stretch. belair road, watch for an accident. in bel camp, another accident location to avoid. this is what it looks like on the west side. in live pictures shows lots of a volume slow going towards the southwest corner. that is the very latest on traffic pulse 11. tony, over to you. >> you can see on the traffic cameras that the steadier, heavier rain has tapered off.
7:28 am
going into the afternoon, it will be hit and miss showers for the rest of the day. 37 at the airport, 35 in parkton. we will make it all the way to the fifties this afternoon. rainshowers coming to an end this morning. otherwise, cloudy and mild, with a high near 55 degrees. increasing clouds with a chance for rain or snow late in the day on wednesday. that will change over to snow thursday morning.
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7:30 now on this monday morning, the 11th of february, 2013. you are looking live at vatican city. just this morning, pope benedict xvi has announced he will resign on february 28th. he is the first pontiff to leave the papacy since the 13th century. >> he calls it a great importance for the life of the church. claudio lavagne is in rome,
7:31 am
following the story for us. are you seeing additional activity there this morning or are these the typical tourists and pilgrims arriving? >> reporter: good morning, matt. well, it's the usual activity there in st. peter's square with tourists wandering around. nobody really knew about this breaking news. of course, i was there, everybody was right there with the cameras and they were all asking what that was all about. and when we said, actually, the pope is resigning, everybody looked shocked. just as shock ed as we looked this morning when we got the news ourselves. nobody really saw this coming. although, the pope, pope benedict xvi kind of hinted that if he felt that he wasn't strong enough to carry on the important task as the leader of the catholic church, then he would consider resigning. nobody thought he would do that before at least next year because this year is the year of the faith.
7:32 am
so, there must be -- he must have felt that really his strength was leaving him all of a sudden to decide or to take such a grave decision -- he even said it himself, that he is fully aware of the gravity of the decision he's taking. obviously, if he has taken this decision, then maybe there are major reasons behind it. >> we are looking at the conclave perhaps early march or middle of march to choose the next pope. claudio lavagne in rome, thank you very much. let's get a check of the weather. al has the latest. >> thank you, savannah. we had a tornado touch down, one of nine yesterday, in hattiesburg, new hampshire. when they go out to view this, the national weather service, i expect this will be an ef-2, possibly an ef-3. thankfully, nobody killed. 50 injured, at least 200 homes and businesses destroyed out of this system. now we're also talking about another system coming in.
7:33 am
we've just gotten through a big storm system as we look at the european models, low pressure developing down in louisiana, bringing a lot of rain there. it makes its way to the east coast by wednesday afternoon and then hopefully moves offshore. american models, though, keep it closer to shore, which could mean snow from washington all the way up to boston. we'll have to wait and see. icy conditions today in the northeast. snow up in northern new england. sunshine pacific northwest. rainy conditions in the gulf coast, midatlantic states and snow in the central rockies. that system may cause problems for us by the weekend. >> good morning. just scattered light rain showers expected. otherwise, mostly cloudy and mild.
7:34 am
>> that's your latest weather. s savannah? >> al, thanks. now to the latest on that manhunt in los angeles. former lapd officer accused of killing three people still on the run. miguel almaguer is in los angeles with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. running short on new leads, lapd is offering an historic reward, $1 million that leads to the conviction of christopher dorner. th this, as we get a new look at the murder suspect. in surveillance video obtained by nbc news, law enforcement sources say christopher dorner dumps a gun belt, helmet, his police uniform and ammunition the morning after his first two murders. police also release these pictures of dorner taken in late january. another look at an accused cop
7:35 am
killer who remains out of sight. >> targeted because you took an oath to protect others. to have your family targeted because they're related to you, that is absolutely terrifying. >> reporter: with the former cop turned fugitive accused of murdering three, today we've learned more about the last victim, an officer with two young children who survived two tours in iraq, but was ambushed while on patrol here at home. >> our brother is officer michael crain. he was 34 years old, an 11-year veteran of the riverside police department. >> reporter: fired about making false statements about his training officer, in this ranting 20-page manifesto, dorner outlines how he will murder those involved in the case. in a stunning reversal from last week. >> it is not going to happen. >> reporter: the police chief now says he will reopen dorner's personnel file.
7:36 am
bill bratton was running the force in 2008. >> you don't just fire somebody without significant evidence and information. >> reporter: in the mountains three hours outside of los angeles where his broken-down truck was discovered, investigators now say they've recovered a cache of weapons and camping gear. back in los angeles, police beefed up their presence at the grammys, fearful dorner would target a large venue. today there remains no sign of the suspect. in his wake, there is still widespread fear. today the lapd has deployed tactical officers to protect family members throughout this region, many of them afraid to leave their homes. savann savannah? >> miguel almaguer, thank you. s.e.a.l. team 6 member who says he is the one to shoot osama bin laden breaks his silence. you may be surprised at what he's saying. the story right after this.
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7:41 am
from the s.e.a.l. team 6 member who says he was the one who pulled the trigger, his story featured in an article in "esquire" magazine. phil wrote the story. why is this guy talking now? >> he got to a place, it took a long time, to get to tell the story and the kind of life that these guys face after service. >> is he worried about backlash from speaking out? another guy, member of s.e.a.l. team 6 wrote a book, got a lot of criticism. is this guy coming out now to make money off this, profiting from this article? >> he's not going to profit off this article. >> was he made for it? >> he was not paid for it. he is not going to get paid for it. so far he has resisted the idea of writing a book. i'm sure a number of them thought about it, or movie or video games or anything else. he really wanted to tell his story to help his fellow
7:42 am
s.e.a.l.s as they leave the service. >> there were 23 s.e.a.l.s there that night. how do we know that this was the one who actually pulled the trigger? >> for the story i did a lot of interviews, talked to a lot of s.e.a.l.s who were still in, some who were retired. i talked to a number of people who were there. i was at a dinner. there was a guy called the mentor in this story who is a mentor to the shooter. we call him the shooter, who was with the cia and navy s.e.a.l.s and he's -- he got a call from a very high official in washington. >> absolutely convinced? >> a couple of hours later saying it was your guy. >> this guy says he was the last one to see osama bin laden alive. here is what he says in the interview. i shot him two times in the forehead. the second time as he was going down. he crumpled on the floor in front of his bed. i hit him again. his tongue was out. i watched him take his last breath and i remember, is this the best thing i've ever done or the worst thing i've ever done? >> think about that.
7:43 am
this is what you've just done. you've just killed the world's most wanted terrorist and you have to consider, was this bad or was this good? the good was that he felt he was doing this for the people of new york, for the country. for the s.e.a.l.s. and the bad thing, of course, was the security issue among other things. >> he signs up for four more months and then he leaves the s.e.a.l.s four years short of his 20-year pension time. >> right. >> now this is really the gist of your article, by the way. he feels that he is fighting a completely different kind of battle? >> yes. i work at the center of reporting and we've done fabulous work on v.a. problems. nine month average wait for regular vets to get their disability claim adjudicated. his health care that he got from the military, tri-care, ended the night he left. he gets no pension, none, zero. >> is that because he left four years short of 20? >> yes. if he stayed in at 20rks he would have gotten half his base
7:44 am
pay, $2,100 a month. >> which is the same, you point out in the article -- >> in the navy choir. >> the guy in the navy choir gets the exact same pension as the guy we're asking to be the face of warfare around the world is this. >> exactly. >> what about his security? he is the guy who killed osama bin laden. there are a lot of people who would like to exact revenge on him or his family members for that. what is his situation? >> he has no security. obviously he is doing what he needs to do, but he trained his wife to put the kids in the bathtub in their house because it had a reinforcing wall in front of it, should anybody try to get in front of the house. he taught her how to sit on the bed, put a shotgun with her elbow against the wall so she was braced and shoot through the door. >> his job prospects, he cannot go in to a fortune 500 company or anywhere else and say i'm the guy who killed bin laden. give me a job. this neverhappened. >> he also can't talk about anything really. technically, certainly theoretically, this is all private. what you put on your resume when
7:45 am
your job has been classified for that long? >> you feel this is a major injustice that's being carried out not just on this navy s.e.a.l. but all the people in this position for years and years and put their lives on the line and then find the transition to private life, civilian life so difficult? >> there's nothing in place -- i mean, the pentagon had some things, department of defense had some things, even special forces. they have a few programs for these guys but mostly they don't know about it. >> is that their fault? is the independepentagon doing but is not widely known? >> v.a. will tell you one pentagon program in particular is not widely known. >> navy s.e.a.l.s continue to fight bravely, accomplishing crit critical mission that is keep our nation safe. the details of the bin laden operation are well known. we take seriously the safety and security of our people as well as our responsibility to assist sailors making the transition to
7:46 am
civilian life. without more information about this particular case, it would be difficult to determine the degree to which our transition progr programs succeeded. what's the takeaway? >> the takeaway is that i think it's great. i think it's great they're committed to these guys. at the same time what they offered him when he came out from that -- at the end of the raid, the next day or day after the raid was a form of witness protection. and someone, perhaps jokingly at s.e.a.l. command said we could get you a job driving a beer truck in milwaukee and you have to break all contact with your extended family. it's like a mafia snitch. they don't even have that program, by the way, yet. >> phil bronstein, he has written this article with the man who says he was the one who shot osama bin laden. it's fascinating. >> thanks for having me. >> you can read more about this on the issue hits newsstands february 19th. nfl cheerleader taking a stand against cyber bullying after she was ridiculed by fans of a rival team.
7:47 am
we'll switch gears dramatically and talk about what happened at the grammys last night. more after this. s, or tall. it's not all about who sparkles the most. or who is the best dressed. what nature really cares about is what you have to offer. like the stevia plant. small and humble with a surprising secret to share... sweetness. truvia sweetener. zero-calorie sweetness, born from the stevia leaf. from nature, for sweetness. have been masters of jewelry design for centuries." this levian collection is amazing! maybe it's time to start your own. [ female announcer ] kay presents today's levian... with exclusive levian chocolate diamonds. ♪ every kiss begins with kay
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...and the return of life lived large. ♪ made with milk, cream... a touch of sugar... and pure, natural flavors. coffee-mate natural bliss, from nestle. now try new low fat chocolate. back at 7:50. 55th annual grammy awards were held last night out in los angeles. jason kennedy has all the highlights. good morning. >> savannah, good morning to you. the biggest stars in the world all come out to play. i have to say, they did not disappoint. it's an awards show that's always more show than awards. >> i'm sorry, i'm busy opening up the grammys. >> and on this night there was
7:51 am
something for everyone. a fun night for fun, winning best new artist and song of the year with "we are young." >> if this is in hd, everybody can see our faces and we are not very young. >> reporter: gauthier picked up three awards for "somebody i used to know" but seemed more impressed with the man with the golden cane who presented the award. >> kind of hard to find words, impressed by the man standing behind me with the cane. >> a big night for the band with the banjo. >> lonely boy, black keys. >> black keys swept the rock category, winning best rock song, best rock album and best rock performance. but, as always, the grammys are all about those once in a lifetime performances.
7:52 am
>> these grammy moments, pair superstars with new artists and pay homage to something historic. >> elton john and ed sheridan, bruno mars and rihanna sang a tribute to bob marley. ♪ could this be love >> maroon 5 and alicia keys were on fire together. ♪ walking on fire >> frank ocean was a runaway hit, winning two grammys in his first trip to the show. ♪ >> reporter: while justin timberlake went retro in his big black and white return to the stage. ♪ gonna show you a few things >> but let's not forget fashion. carrie underwood's dress was a show all its own. >> i should take that home and we could watch movies on it.
7:53 am
>> not sure we'll be watching movies on her dress, but get this, 81 grammys are given out, but just 10 on the live show. did i mention it's all about the performances, guys? >> really good ones. great performances last night. >> thank you. >> jimmy fallon won. >> that's right. >> congratulations to jimmy. the making of mass public service announcements on an issue that's very near and dear to him. >> we'll tell you more about that after your local news. (subway announcer; "now arriving at city hospital") which is why we're proud to help connect our students with leading employers across the nation. (subway announcer: "next stop financial center") let's get to work.
7:54 am
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7:56 am
>> this is wbal-tv 11 news in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. here is sarah caldwell. >> if you're heading out the doors, this is causing delays in incidents. 31 mi. per hour. j.f.x. from the beltway to its 28th street. 20 miles per hour on 795 from the northeast. those delays stretch back prior
7:57 am
to white marsh and the 895 split. these delays stretch back to york road. watch for those delays to add to your morning commute. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> running pretty steady over the eastern shore counties and to delaware. most of the day around baltimore, hit and miss showers. the upper 30's to around 40. fifties' this afternoon. 38 at the airport. mostly cloudy skies. steady rain near was tapering off. just a chance for showers as we go into the afternoon. 10 degrees above average for this time of year. cooling off tomorrow and back into the 40's and on wednesday, a mixture of rain and snow. that will change a light snow
7:58 am
on wednesday night and thursday morning. going into president's day weekend, it gets cold. another chance for snow on saturday and sunday.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it is 8:00 now on a monday morning, the 11th of february, 2013. raining outside, as you can see, in new york city. that's following a weekend of pretty nasty, snowy weather throughout much of the northeast. you've heard about that by now. we'll have al's forecast today coming up in a minute. i'm matt lauer, alongside savannah guttihrie, mr. roker a natalie morales. we'll meet the former professional cheerleader now leading the charge against cyber bullying after she became a victim herself. naomi campbell stopping by to fill us in on her new reality program. you know the slogan, friends
8:01 am
don't let friends drive drunk, take a bite out of crime and many, many others, iconic phrases tied to campaigns from the ad council. they're celebrating their 70th anniversary and we decided to actually get involved and make psas for issues that are important to us. peggy conlan is the president and ceo. happy anniversary. >> thank you so much. >> how do you choose? there's so many great ideas and causes out there. how do you pick which ones you get involved with? >> we're looking for campaigns that will make a big impact on the country, what people can do to help themselves and their families, eat right, exercise, look for signs of autism and things we don't want them to do, like drive drunk, texting and driving. >> the iconic campaigns that the ad council has put together. is there real evidence that the psas are making a difference? >> they do. we measure the impact of these campaigns very carefully and statistically. and we can tell you that things
8:02 am
like 85,000 lives have been saved by people using seat belts, 15,000 children have been adopted from foster care since we began our foster care adoption campaign. there are so many great pieces of evidence. >> we got a chance to see how it all comes together and how the process works. we'll each be doing a psa and we'll have one coming up in a little while that i did for you folks about fatherhood involvement. we appreciate it, peggy. >> thank you, matt. a stunning announcement, as we've been reporting from the vatican this morning, pope benedict xvi says he is resigning at the end of this month. michelle kosinski is live in london with more of what was behind the decision. >> reporter: the 1400s was the last time a papal resignation happened. pope benedict xvi says he is resigning at the the end of this month.
8:03 am
something that took not only 1 billion catholics, but the vatican by absolute surprise as well. pope benedict xvi h been a leader in the catholic church for more than a quarter of a century. pope john paul ii in his highest position position, in 2008 becoming the pope. his strength, due to his age, are no longer suited to his position, that strength of mind and body are both necessary and his have deteriorated in the past two months, two months shy of his 86th birthday. born joseph ratzinger, he was an academic, planned to retire and write books. some criticize him as a cardinal for becoming too strict. for which he apologized. >> i express my deep sorrow to
8:04 am
the innocent victims of this inspeakable crimes. >> reporter: during his eight years as pope, he has taken on major issues, speaking of environmental climate change, putting solar panels on the vatican. he will be pope until exactly 7:00 pm on the 28th of this month. he will eventually move into a residence in the vatican. the vatican is saying they hope to elect a new pope by the end of march before easter. according to church rules, this pope will not be able to vote for his successor because he is over the age of 80. natalie? >> michelle kosinski, following the breaking news for us. thank you. los angeles police department is hoping that a $1 million reward will lead to new clues in the search for former cop christopher dorner, who is suspected of killing a police officer and a couple engaged to be married. in surveillance video obtained by nbc news, sources say dorner
8:05 am
dumped a gun belt, helmet, police uniform and ammunition the morning after the first two murders last weekend. his trail went cold in the mountains three miles outside of los angeles. now for a look at what is trending today, our quick roundup of what has you talking online. the top ten songs for valentine's day. topping the lover's list is "i won't give up" foreigner's 1984 hit "i want to know what love is" follow bid christina perry's "i'll love you for a thousand years." this viral video spoof. >> got to get the bread and milk. got to get the bread and -- they said snow! i've got to get the bread and milk! oh, my god! >> that's comedian and his bread and milk freak out already
8:06 am
racked up more than 4.25 million youtube hits. do it yourself video for the harlem shake, creating their own visuals to go along with the infectious dance beat. take a look. ♪ >> a father and son duo posted their video with this explanation, mom was out, so, um, this happened. i'm not sure what this happening really is, but 8:06 now. let's go out to al with a check of the weather. >> announcer: "today's" weather is brought to you by jared, galleria of jewelry, to help you find the perfect ring. that's why he went to jared. weatherwise for you, starting off with our pick city
8:07 am
of the day, anchorage, alaska, nbc 2. partly sunny, cold. 28 degrees. and as we look on our radar satellite, you can see a lot of rain down through the gulf coast. there's going to be some flo flooding stretching from east texas all the way into northern florida. we look for wet weather along the midatlantic coast, icy conditions in the northeast. temperatures fairly seasonal in the west with temperatures mild and sunny. light snow from minneapolis to chicago. >> good on aro's the steady rain is tapering off. the temperature will be way above average. wish to make it up to
8:08 am
>> and that's your latest weather. >> mr. roker, thank you very much. up next, former nfl cheerleader taking a stand against cyber bullies after she became a target of some hateful comments. then i'll take a crack at making a public service announcement for a cause that a lot of people feel very strongly about. can it work? then couples who are not involved romantically, coming together to raise a child. but first these messages. red the galleria of jewelry here. yes, i'm a jewelry store. and yes, i'm talking to you. mike here needs a necklace. but not just any necklace. he needs a "honey, i love you even more than the day we got married" necklace. well, i don't want to brag, but my selection is larger than ordinary jewelry stores, with truly unique pieces you won't find just anywhere. making it easy for mike to find the necklace
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8:12 am
♪ back now at 8:12 with a woman taking a stand against cyber bullying. it says like if you agree that packers have the worst cheerleaders in the nfl. >> asking the fan page to remove that post. kaitlin is with us. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> a lot of these comments aren't suitable for morning television. >> not at all. >> generally what did you find most shocking? saying something about your appearance? >> my appearance and the overall
8:13 am
fact that the packers have the worst cheerleaders in the nfl. >> some of these were extremely crude comments. >> definitely. >> you contacted facebook, as i understand it, and this unofficial bears fan page, asked for it to be taken down, but that didn't happen. >> nochlt my friends and family, we all sent messages to the page and to facebook. and we all received the same message from facebook, saying that according to their community standards, it did not qualify. >> you know, i think all of us, as we reach adulthood, we've heard ourselves being called names from time to time, but this must have really hurt. >> yes. you know, we all struggle with body images and especially in today's society. and for somebody to go online and type those kinds of things and a picture of mine up for everybody to see, it was very
8:14 am
hurtful. >> you decided to do something about it. you posted your own youtube video. part of what you did was hold up signs that have some of these comments with these people's names. was that your intention, to call them out and shame them a little bit? >> i wouldn't say shame but, you know, they were, you know, commenting on my photo and they put their names out there and they were claiming that i put myself out there to be ridiculed like that. >> you also got a lot of support. in fact, including some bear fans -- which is why you're wearing bears colors in this video. >> yes. >> are you surprised by the reaction? your video has had almost 800,000 views. >> i am extremely surprised. when i uploaded the video, it was in thanks for everybody who did stand up for me. and honestly overwhelmed with
8:15 am
all the wonderful support that i've gotten. >> the fan page has apologized and taken down the post. >> yes. >> thank you for bri coming here and bringing us your story. appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. matt has a psa for a cause that's close to his heart. to c. what we need are people prepared for the careers of our new economy. by 2025 we could have 20 million jobs without enough college graduates to fill them. that's why at devry university, we're teaming up with companies like cisco to help make sure everyone is ready with the know-how we need for a new tomorrow. [ male announcer ] make sure america's ready. make sure you're ready. at ♪
8:16 am
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8:18 am
the ad council is behind years of ads. >> i chose to spotlight fatherhood involvement, something important to both of us here. we've got three kids. i understand how hard it can be for some dads to take the time to be a father. we'll show you that psa in a moment. but first a look at some very special dads. >> looking forward to kindergarten? >> yeah. >> after school i'm going to play with you. >> mike zimmerman didn't clock in at the car wash this morning. >> rain, rain, rain. >> jake endrich won't be handling any i.t. issues today either. and corrections officer landry
8:19 am
wally is spending his day correcting spelling. these guys are hard at work at the business of being dads, back to school for a lesson in what it feels like to be a kid again. >> raise your hand if you're a great father. raise your hand if you've always been a great father. all right. go ahead. why? why, ehh? >> you're the chauffeur, the go-to guy but mom gets all the information. >> these dads from berkeley county, west virginia, are part of a national program called watchdogs. to participate, they simply vl tear to help out in their children's schools. >> good job, guys. >> my dad is kind of funny. >> he takes us bowling. >> when i tell a story, he always listens and knows what to say. >> if you have something to say and need somebody to talk to -- >> my dad. >> all your dads come to school once in a while, right?
8:20 am
tell me why it's a good thing. >> you're bonding together more. >> i think we've become like better friends. he knows more about me and how i do at school. >> he's not as grumpy as he used to be. >> at what age do you think your kids might stop thinking this is cool? >> my 10-year-old thinks it's cool. this is my dad. this is my dad. i say they know i'm your dad. >> going to sixth grade next year and he wants me to go with him. i'm tickled to death. ye yeah, it's crazy. >> my son is ecstatic. i'm getting a better look at how my son is reacting in school. >> what did you know about your son that you didn't know before this? >> he's a ladies' boy. he loves the girls, but he hides it from his mom. >> why do we need this? >> number one, study after study has illustrated that a child
8:21 am
that has a positive adult male role model is twice as likely to graduate high school as a child that doesn't and will develop more fully socially, physically, academically. >> dads matter? >> a huge difference. >> especially when they take time? >> that's right. >> do you know what's interesting? when you started talking about spending time in the school, you all started smiling. that's unusual for dads to be able to do, isn't it? >> yeah, it is. >> shows how easy it is, too. make everything better. >> when i go back to new york, i'm going to do a commercial that's called a public service announcement about fatherhood. who can explain to me what they think other dads could learn from your dads? >> takes his free time out of the way and his work out of the way and he's coming to my school to be with me. it makes me feel good. >> it makes me feel like super awesome that they go out of their way just to hang out with their kids. >> what is that? >> you mentioned your daughter,
8:22 am
lauren, right? >> yeah. >> you may be surprised with something lauren told us. lauren said that before this program, quote, i didn't think he loved me a lot. >> yeah. i can understand that. >> and now i do. >> wow! it must feel good to hear her say that. >> i love my daughter with all my heart. >> what's your definition of fatherhood now? >> being there. it doesn't take money. it doesn't take things. you can walk out in your backyard and go swing, shoot basketball, wrestle. you see the little time you're in the school how much it lights them up. you get hungry for more and you want more of that. >> you guys look like you're all dressed up and ready to go. inspired by the dads in west virginia, i'm ready to spread the word with my psa but i'll need a compelling concept. advertising agency campbell iwold steps in with a plan. >> you're covered with couch cushions in a sand box with a matt lauer shaped lump, roll
8:23 am
yourself in a tub of water. >> adapted my love of hiding out in far away places. >> where in the world is matt lauer? >> tahrir square, the netherlands. >> i am the james bond of hide and seek. >> you take it to the next level. >> i love that. >> should we do an eight by eight -- let's play hide and seek. >> when my kids start talking about playing hide and seek, my mind goes into overdrive. i'm trying to think of the ultimate place to hide without scaring my kids. are you the champion hide and seek player? are you? >> after an hour or so, my own kids usually start searching for snacks instead of me. so for this marathon eight-hour game -- >> here we go. >> we bring in the big guns, professional actress kaylie cirano. >> ready or not, here i come. >> behind the curtain, behind a painting.
8:24 am
running around a house. but she hasn't found me yet. i'm not sure whether i'm the best hide and go seek player in the world or she's the worst. >> i just want to look sinister in this thing. >> as a dad i've done this a million times. when i'm suddenly playing the game in front of a 20-person crew -- give kids nightmares here. >> i'm afraid it's more freddy krueger. >> i'm not an actor. i never have been. i'm not good at these emotions. go go. >> like in the fetal position? disk-slipping corners. >> this is a great spot. i actually dozed off a few seconds. this is fine. >> i'm thinking go fish might have been a better choice. as the number of bruises multiplies, i realize there's only one logical way to save myself and end this game. >> 5:00 in the afternoon, tape 145, i'm no longer hiding from
8:25 am
the little girl that's the actress now. i'm hiding from the director. it was a long day! >> long time before i have that visual of you in the bathtub out of my head. >> and around the germs of that also as well. had they edit it all down to a 30-second psa? take a look. >> the smallest moments can have the biggest impact on a child's life. >> ready or not, here i come. >> take time to be a dad today. >> daddy, i'm going to find you. >> fantastic. that's so good! >> the ad council really did a great job. it was really fun to be part of that. >> who is that voice? >> he is the one who does almost all of these things.
8:26 am
i think you'll hear him on yours as well. you can find more information on fatherhood programs in your area at >> tom selleck. >> i annuity thaut i i >> this is a wbal-tv 11 news in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. let's get a check on the morning commute with sarah caldwell. >> a lot going on out there. latest accident coming in taking up the left lane. another one at route 970 brooke road. campbell boulevard and the white marsh area, there is an accident. coming down i-95 south in the white marsh area, it is pretty stalled from that point all the way down towards the 895 split. it will take you 24 minutes to
8:27 am
get through the stretch. i-83 is recovering from york road. still some delays south of that went from middletown to mount carmel. over to you, tony. >> we had steady rain earlier this morning. that is pushed off to the east. for the rest of the commune and the day, the showers will be hit and miss. it will not be a steady rain by any means. we will make it into the fifties this afternoon. we will make it into the mid- 50's with scattered rain showers for the rest of the day. a little bit cooler tomorrow. clouds thickening up again on wednesday. it will change to snow on wednesday night into thursday morning. going into president's day weekend, another chance for snow. it will be cold with high
8:28 am
temperatures in the low-to-mid- thirties. >> back with another update at 8:56.
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ i was gonna keep it real like chill like only have a drink or two but it turned into a party ♪ >> back now at 8:30 on this monday morning, february 11th, 2013, with a look at blake shelton's new video "sure would be cool if you would."
8:31 am
blake will be here, performing live for us next month. >> sounds good. next month, naomi campbell is here. the supermodel not a stranger to the spotlight at all. now she's trying something brand new. we'll catch up with her in a couple of minute. and taking the stress out of the mealtime with a budget-friendly menu for every night of the workweek. we want to say hello to miss julianne hough, taking on her first dramatic role in a movie. many people know safe haven, the nicholas sparks book. this is your first strictly speaking, dramatic role. was that kind of intimidating? >> it was exciting. it was challenging. i love a challenge. and this is a complete departure from what people discovered me as. it's nicholas sparks, so i've been -- i am the demographic of people who -- >> or what?
8:32 am
>> my dad, my family, we were all at the premiere a couple of nights ago. they were tearing up. it's a good sign. >> there's your co-star there, josh dumel. we understand there are pretty steamy scenes -- i almost said sex scenes but pretty steamy scenes in here. he's crying, you're crying. what happens? >> the story is about a girl who has a bit of a traumatic past and she's moving forward and she goes to south port, north carolina. definitely therapeutic for me. i think, again, it was a pretty heavy topic that she goes through some domestic abuse. so, to me, it was a nice thing to be able to be free and liberating through, through the acting. >> you've read all the nicholas sparks books, i imagine. >> when i was 13 years old, "a walk to remember" wags ts the f book i read. it's all about first love. this one, though, is more about second chances.
8:33 am
i think his -- the writing in this book and this movie in particular has grown as his books have evolved as well. >> there's a bit of spence. >> yeah. not just -- >> exactly, not just a straight love story. there's spencuspense, thriller aspect to it. definitely keeps you on the edge of your seat. it's fun. kind of kicks some butt. >> are you pleased with the way it turned out? >> i'm really excited. our director was very much about improvising and so this is the first time i really felt like i was hired as an actress. so, it was very exciting. >> julianne hough, it's great to have you here. safe haven opens up this thursday, appropriately enough for valentine's day. >> nice having you here. >> thank you, guys. >> let's get a check of the weather, mr. roker. as we look ahead toward the week ahead, above-normal temperatures in the great lakes. in the northeast, wet weather making our way through the southeast. and colder than normal temperatures out west. midweek period, we're watching, again, warmer weather in the
8:34 am
east and the great lakes. chilly through the southwest. and then wet weather along the southwest coast. look for the week toward the latter part of the week, temperatures take a big nose dive in the eastern half of the country with potential snowstorm developing along the northeast. yeah. that's what's going on around s >> good morning. just scattered light rain showers expected. otherwise, mostly cloudy and mild. don't forget, any time you need that weather go to the weather channel on cable or online. a new type of family.
8:35 am
parenting partnerships for couples who are not in romantic relationships.we'll talk about . but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:36 am
8:37 am
back now at 8:37 with a new spin on the modern family. couples who are not dating or married but choosing to raise a child together. an arrangement that comes with some criticism. heidi sedowski and david share a biological connection with their son, but they don't share a romantic relationship with each other. >> this is someone i've known for a very, very long time and i trust and i love her. >> when heidi turned 41, she explored anonymous sperm donor options. >> it left me feeling a little cold inside. i really wanted my child to have two parents and i wanted to
8:38 am
share responsibility of raising a child with somebody. >> so she turned to her gay friend of 20 years, david, who also wanted children. >> and i said, david, we talked about this. i'm ready. >> i just knew i was going to be this great dad. >> three months later, heidi was pregnant. while heidi and david believe their co-parenting is rooted in having nate's best interest in mind, experts say this trend should be approached with caution. the center for marriage and families at the institute for american values says, at best these parents are creating a good divorce situation. at worst, parents who have no foundation ace couple will soon face many conflicts over how to raise the child. >> if you don't love the other person you are parenting your child with, it makes it that much more difficult to compromise. >> while heidi and david admit their family may not be as traditional as others, they stand by their decision. >> we feed and love and clothe
8:39 am
and shelter him. the fact that we're not married is not a big deal. >> david, eric and heidi sidowski is with us. connecting people who are looking for a coupleless co-parenting partnership. good morning to all of you. thank you for being here. >> good morning. >> we know what the good news is. you have this beautiful little boy, nate, that we just saw. how is this working out? what is the biggest challenge so far? >> the biggest challenges for me so far, we do have separate households. it takes a lot of communicating. we need to really be on the same page. if we're not under the same roof that's a bit of a challenge at times. >> when nate was little, he spends one night a week right now with david. is your ultimate goal to have the time split 50/50? >> i think that's going to evolve over time. as nate gets older, we will see what's best for him as far as where he's going to school and
8:40 am
what have you. the time he spends with david will definitely increase over time. i don't know if it will be 50/50. we have to decide what is in nate's best interest. >> you've known each other 20 years. you've sorted out a lot of the nuts and bolts, legal, finances and custody. there's so much in parenting that's truly unpredictable. >> that's right. >> do you worry about that at all? >> if i worried, it would shut me down. and i always think about the best interests of my son. and we know as a couple, as a de facto couple that things are going to change along the way. we have to be open to that. >> you mentioned the best trst child. you heard the criticism. this most approximates, i guess, a friendly divorce situation. is it good for a child to be shuttling through both households? >> i think if that's all that child knows, then it becomes normal. it becomes okay. and as long as you provide the love and care and support that that child needs, whether you're in one household or two, it works. >> let me turn to you, darren.
8:41 am
have you had a huge response to your website? >> absolutely. i founded family by design as a new parenting option for millions of adults in their 30s and 40s who are single, childless and still want to become parents. we all know someone like that our lives. think of liz lemon from "30 rock," for example. we educate people about what are parenting partnerships and walk them through a process. we actually connect people with our matching technology and we have experts and people in these types of relationships on the site to answer their questions and give them more information. >> there was a family advocacy group spokesperson quoted in the times, it's a terrible idea, con signing a child to be raised in two different worlds with parents who did not even attempt to form a loving bond with one another. would you agree that in the best circumstances, a child should be raised in a home where the family -- in the traditional
8:42 am
nuclear family? >> i think tradition -- i come from the traditional relationship. and i think, of course, that's a wonderful way to have a family. listen, we all know someone who is that person, right? we know someone who is that single person who just has wonderful love and care and would make such a great parent. and if you can connect two people of that same mind-set together and get them talking about the issues around parenting and take the time to build that relationship before they go down that path, that's going to be a really lucky child. >> i was going to say, it's a little bit like a dating website, plus more. how long do you recommend couples talk about this before they take this on? >> i'm also writing a book on parenting partnerships. i've interviewed dozens of couples in this type of relationship to understand what are the issues. there are three things it comes down to. first you have to take the time to get to know the person and build a real bond of friendship. that does take time. it does not happen overnight. number two, you have to like talk through all the issues around parenting and write it down. what are your feelings about what you need to cover.
8:43 am
and to your point, once you have a child, things change and you have to build in the flexibility and strength in the relationship. >> very quickly, heidi and david, any advice? >> know what you're getting into. it's not dating. we're creating -- the stakes are very, very high. we're creating a life and we have a son together. >> and know what you want as well. from the female half of the partnership, if it is a male/female couple, if you will, know if you want an involved parent versus just an anonymous donor. >> interesting to get your story and your perspective. thank you so much for being here. >> thank you. what do you think of coupleless co-parenting? will it take off? if you want to weigh in on this issue, head to and join in on the conversation. coming up next, supermodel naomi campbell live in our studio. first this is "today" on
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
we're back now, 8:45, with supermodel naomi campbell, discovered at just 15 years of age, graced more than 700 magazine covers and runways. >> i'm very disappointed in you. i'm going to tell you it's game on from now on. >> naomi campbell, good morning. welcome back. what was going on there? that's carolina. >> carolina. >> the other two coaches. >> yeah. basically i was very upset. i'm very protective of my girls. we have four on each team and
8:47 am
carolina eliminated my girl and i was just not ready for it. >> and you let her know it in no uncertain terms. >> i let her know it, yeah. >> i was reading something. youf done some press for the show. at the beginning of the show, you say people don't know the real you. >> that's right. >> we've heard a lot of stories about you over the years. what's not true? >> i can't say what's not true and what's true. on this show, you'll get to see me and i speak about things that i've never -- i've never been one to justify anything. i speak pretty much in depth about things i've never spoken about before. >> are you that intense? are you that competitive? >> i'm competitive. >> are you tough on the contestants? >> i'm competitive, absolutely. first and foremost, it's not about us, the mentors. it's about my girls. and we do have a life of someone in our hands that's going to win a big contract. and it's important that this is done properly. and that they really do get the auth
8:48 am
au authenticity. >> i was surprised you would do reality television only because for the last ten years a lot of your life has resembled reality television. >> i know. >> why do you want to be out there like this? >> because it's not a camera following me and my life. i would never display my life and what i do and where i travel and where i live. i need to keep that anonymity for me. when i was called and asked about this show, to share what i've been doing for 28 years, which will be in april. i thought this is something different other than just following me around for no reason. so i'm happy to share what i've learned in this business. there isn't a model handbook to guide. so, this has somewhat taken that form. >> discovered at the age of 15rks still in demand in the
8:49 am
business. how has that happened? is it as much about beauty as it is about attitude these days? >> i think you have to have both. now you have to go and do in-store signings, meet with the consumers. you have to be much more personable than before when i started. you could just be the face. >> was that hard for you in the beginning, when they asked you to start doing those things? >> yeah. i got to start that kind of thing slowly, slowly in europe and then, you know, building up around the world. and it's like, making personal appearances. yes, it was. you have to pick it up very quickly. just like i had to pick doing this show up very quickly. legendary at television and reality and do iing other shows he has been graciously helping me from the first day off. i was like, what do i do? what do i say? then i just forgot the cameras are not there for me. it's really about my girls and giving them as much time as i can for myself and mentoring them. >> will you offer advice with these ladies? >> i'm in touch with my girls.
8:50 am
some of them flew in today. >> thick skin part of the advice? >> you have to teach them about rejection because it's out there and that's real. you have to teach them it's not about you if they don't accept you for a job. you can't take it personally inside and say something is wrong with me. you're just not right for that job and you have to go on for the next. >> naomi campbell and "the face" appears tomorrow night on our sister station oxygen. thanks for being with us. >> thank you, matt. mapping out your meals for the next week. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:51 am
8:52 am
back now at 8:51 with mapped out weekly meals. this is where we'll help you plan your family dinners for the workweek. there is something for everyone on the menu, host of america's test kitchen and editor of cook's illustrated. chris, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> we have four meals planned. if you go on our website you can actually get the shopping list, too, right? >> you can. >> this is skillet pizza. is this store-bought dough, i hope? >> this is store-bought dough. if you use a typical method in an oven, it takes an hour to heat up and you need a pizza stone. >> what do we do? >> put a little flour in this. you're going to try -- >> i appreciate your confidence. >> roll it out from the center gentle. you can do this with your hands,
8:53 am
t too, if you like. >> if you stop there it's a kniche. >> you can hold it up like this, stretch it if you like. >> obviously a lot of people want healthy meals for the week. obviously, there are different versions of this? >> yeah. you could do anything you want here. just don't put too many toppings on and it's obviously fairly healthy. ling winnie. >> i hope we have time. this takes forever. >> pull it up like this. >> let's assume we've got that thing stretched to perfection. >> put oil in here, about two tablespoons. >> i'm stretching mine out. >> you'll have a little tiny pizza. >> exactly. >> individual servings. >> diet pizza. it's smaller. >> put that in there. >> got it. do you make your own sauce? >> you can make the sauce in about five minutes. put that down in there. we're going to put a little bit of sauce on top. you did a very good job. >> thank you. >> this is onion, garlic, tomatoes. and oil.
8:54 am
>> okay. and now we're going to put sauce on this one. >> what about toppings? >> moving over to toppings, take this. we put it on the burner. we won't turn it on just yet. you get to pick your toppings. >> that's fun. you don't do all that cheese? >> pick a selection, little cheese. i'm going to take a little bit of this. and i'm going to take a little bit of fresh mozzarella. >> we're sharing this cheese, i see. >> it's not a competition. >> what do you mean? >> don't put any bleu cheese on mine. okay. there we go. >> do you have a way to get the pepperoni reduce the fat a bit? >> put it in a microwave for 30 to 60 seconds. >> >> why are you laughing? >> because joe michaels said boy, does hers look bad. >> that's not fair. >> we've done it with this one. put it in the oven and take the
8:55 am
finished one out. >> you heat it up and then bake it basically? >> this is the eight layer. >> still going. >> i'm not going to put meat on it? i have to. >> this has been in here three minutes. >> you want to get it a little browned. >> put it in the oven. >> how long. >> for seven to ten minutes. >> great. these are great ideas. >> we don't want to forget this. >> no. al once forgot this. >> that was great. wow! >> looks really good. >> will you tell us what our other three meals of the week are? >> lasagna bolognese. tomato paste, anchovie to make it meaty. two pork tenderloins cooked with small potatoes at the same time in a hot oven for 20 minutes and toss the potatoes in a mustard vinaigrette. chicken cutlets fill with cheese
8:56 am
and basil. put on tam ate sauce. those cook in 15 to 20 minutes. >> all our work for us. print out the recipes and complete grocery shopping list on coming up, what are you in the market to buy? >> this is wbal-tv 11 news in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. montgomery county 14-year-old boy is held without bond, charged with killing his infant sister. he was left to babysit the
8:57 am
seven-month-old. when he could not get the baby to stop crying, he allegedly beat and suffocated her.
8:58 am
>> it is going to be an unseasonably mild day. still a chance for a couple of rainshowers, but the rain has tapered off. >> that you for joining us. another weather u
8:59 am

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